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Adulting is hard. Here's why it is okay to act like a child.

Lovely, remember your happy childhood moments.

Remember how it felt when you didn’t hold yourself back with fears of what others thought. You did not thinking about the possibility of failure.

You just leapt, laughed, ran around, jumped in puddles, and found joy.

Beauty is found in listening to your heart and freeing it from all worries and fears.

Take this new freedom and leap into the day with new, uninhibited, joy.

Be confident in your own beautiful character and let that beauty shine. Today, try to rest in the freedom and joy you felt as a small child.

Remember to #bloomlovely.

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The one thing to remember before you compare yourself.

Don't compare yourself today.

Lovely, beauty is hard to pinpoint. What is it? It is more than a collection of parts or a set of traits. It is unique and personal. 

This is why we should never look at someone else and wish we looked like them.

Comparison robs us of our peace and distracts us from being the best version of ourselves.

When we compare, we lose our power and give it over to judgment and anxiety - two things that attack us and hold us back. Instead of wasting time looking around you, focus on being the best version of yourself.

You are exactly where you need to be in this moment. You have a path that is irreplaceable. Remember that you are on the right track. Run in your own lane. Today, you have permission to bloom.

Remember to #bloomlovely.

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