Authentic Beauty

Do you allow your self-worth to come from others? Read on.

Lovely, there are so many things competing for your attention.

You are trying to be Super Woman and do it all. But with those goals come many demands that leave you exhausted.

You have freedom to choose your disposition.

When something happens to you, before you respond, you have a space.

In that space is your freedom. In that space, you get to decide the type of person you want to be.

Decisions build character and character is your destiny. Decide how you want to exist in the world, beginning with your thoughts.

Today, remember that space and choose your attitude carefully.

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Remove the mask you wear for others.

Lovely, sometimes it's easier to act a part.

It's easier to wear a mask that hides what you're feeling from the people around you.

It's easier to play a role that you think everyone wants from you so you can fit in, be accepted, and get by.

The veneer feels safe, but if you live behind it for too long, you can feel your authentic self start to disappear.

You can play characters. It's fun to play with fashion and try different eras, mix and match, experiment with different make-up looks.

But remember who you are at your core. Today, remember to let your true self shine through the facade. 

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How to stop comparison from stealing your happiness.

Lovely, it’s so common to look at other women and ask ourselves why we don’t have their clothes, their job, their social life or their looks.

But why waste time wishing for what is not your own?

You are enough. There is something marvelous growing in your heart. Guard it, cherish it, and help it come to life through you.

Be faithful to all the goodness and beauty that lies inside of you.

Concentrate only on what you have control over - this is your sphere of influence.

When you drift outside of that, you lose your power.

When you're tempted to grasp for what someone else has, come back to focus. Center yourself in this moment. Today, you will be gentle with yourself. 

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You are a gift.

Bloom Lovely 6.png

Lovely, think of the most beautiful person you have ever known.

What made them the most beautiful to you?

Chances are it was some quality that they had inside, or some way they made you feel. It was a certain something - or as the French say, a “Je ne sais quoi” - that you just could not put your finger on.

Today, remember that you could be the most beautiful person in the world to someone else right now.

You have a certain something about you, too. What is that thing?


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What makes your soul dance?

Lovely, I know you’re tired.

I know you wish you weren’t pulled in a million different directions. It’s okay to feel like you’re in survival moment at this season in your life.

This doesn’t mean that you’re less than your beautiful self, but you can still take small steps in order to not just survive but thrive.

Share your smile with the passerby, send an encouraging text to a friend or call your mom.

Take time today to do something that makes you feel like yourself - it can be as simple as wearing your favorite outfit or lipstick color.

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What to do when you just don't feel beautiful.

Lovely, you are disappointed at what you see in the mirror.

Somehow, your heart has believed the lie that you are not beautiful. But what if you could believe that you are beautiful, exactly as you are? How would that feel? Just for today, you will remind yourself that you are.

Wake up the hope in your heart that has been asleep for too long.

If you believed you were enough just as you are, you would be unstoppable.

Let this awareness rest in your heart and transform your life. Do you believe it?

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Fashion Designer Challenges Industry to Rethink Standard of Beauty


Carrie Hammer may soon become a household name after rocking New York Fashion Week for her Spring 2015 fashion show, featuring role models, not runway models.

Hammer, who started out in advertising and sales and never intended to enter the fashion industry, faced a problem one day a couple of years ago when she went in search of a custom dress to suit her professional life. "All the other men were getting their suits tailored and custom made," says Hammer, "so I wanted a custom outfit, too." Her request reached a dead end when "those just don't exist for women," someone told her.

What could have been a stumbling block turned into an opportunity for Hammer, who decided to make dresses for herself. "Every day, people would stop me on the street multiple times a day and ask me where I got my dress. I realized there was a need for custom dresses for professional women." And so her brand was born, which markets to professional women in need of custom, tailored garments primarily through her website.

But when it came time for her debut fashion show at New York Fashion Week in February 2014, however, Carrie dreaded one part: casting models. "All my clients are such role models. I can't send under-age women down the runway," explained Hammer.

The fashion industry is no stranger to controversy surrounding the use of models who are under-age and/or underweight. Carrie Hammer's brand, however, which exists to "empower women by making them feel incredible in their business and personal lives to help them achieve their goals" is rooted in a different, broader definition of beauty.

So instead of traditional fashion models, Hammer selected 24 successful "role models" of all shapes and sizes to send down the runway, ranging from CEOs, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and more. By doing this, she wanted to make a statement to the fashion industry:

"Beauty to me is confidence. The woman's beauty shows by integrating her interior disposition and radiating it outward. The dresses only enhance that. My clothes are a frame; the woman is the piece of art."

Fun, tailored, and professional are adjectives that came to mind when seeing the garments on the runway. The dresses serve not only a practical purpose fulfilling an unmet need, but also inspire joy from the women who wear the designs. As Hammer described:

The women walking the runway outshone the clothes, but I wanted that to happen. Women want to buy the clothes because they see the role model walking down the runway and they say, 'That's me!' They want to know how the clothes are going to look on their own body. The viewers had an emotional connection and identified with the role models. They want to feel like that woman feels.

Her non-conventional approach to fashion sales may have raised a few eyebrows from the occasional skeptic who told her, "the women won't know how to sell the clothes because they are not professional models." On the contrary, Hammer says requests for her designs are only increasing. For now, she plans to continue only showcasing role models in the future. And she shouldn't worry, because it is working. Says Hammer, women are "parched and thirsty for something like this."

Will other fashion designers follow suit? Says Hammer, "I hope this gets copied."

This article first appeared on Huffington Post by your truly.